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Smart Manager’s initial screen offers a total control of all petrol station operations, such as :

  • Monitoring and control of Fuel Dispensers transactions, status, etc
  • Monitoring of Tanks level, status, etc
  • OPT status
  • Fleet customers status
  • Start / Stop dispensers
  • Last shift transactions
  • Shift reports, total reports, monthly and annual, etc


POS “Smart Manager” software for petrol stations intended for:

  • Management over technological processes and forecourt equipment such as Fuel Dispensers, ATG systems, Price Boards, Car washes, others)
  • Automated measurement and commercial account at petroleum products.
  • Sales calculation of retails products using various payment methods.
  • Automated reporting over petrol station operation history during a selected period of time
  • Calculation and account of personnel operation.
  • Provision of discount-bonus loyalty card system for customers
  • Remote monitoring over petrol station operation.
  • Remote reporting over operation of a petrol station network.


  • Smart Manager Software can simultaneously control up to 36 fuel dispenser sides (fueling places).
  • Connection of Fuel Dispensers and ATG systems is made through a controller over fuel dispensers and ATG systems, which supports more than 60 types of of fuel dispensers of various manufacturers


  • Controls of the accounting storage of the tanks.
  • Capability to operate with 8 different Pricelists (Fuel Mode).
  • Time scheduled change of pricelists.
  • Unlimited number of products of the petrol station with 8 different products per pump.
  • Multiple methods of petrol station operation with unlimited users.
  • Preset amount and volume with choice of nozzle and product.
  • Instant control of each dispenser separately and start – stop of the dispensers with the use of one button.
  • Audio & Visual check control of the dispensers.
  • Connectable with Tank Gauging Automation Systems of all manufacturers:
  • Print Totals per Shift / Day / Date and choice of print per pump, or nozzle, or product or price list with a date selection (from – to).
  • Record of the transactions per way of payment.
  • Capability to select the application’s display language.
  • Connectable with OPT, Fiscal Printer, POS, Remote operation etc.